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Inca Warrior Bootcamp: - Peru Fitness Holidays

Inca Warrior Bootcamp:

2020 dates to be confirmed 

Our Warrior Inca Bootcamp is our newest and hardest Fitness Holiday to date!

This isn't a Bootcamp for everybody, this a Bootcamp holiday for those who are happiest when they are suffering, when their legs are trembling, when they want to stop but a voice inside them is telling them that they have to keep going! If that sounds like you, then this may be your perfect Fitness Holiday!

Inca Warrior Bootcamp includes:

- High quality, high intensity workouts at altitude

- Even more high quality, high intensity workouts at altitude

- Hot Springs

- Visits to many incredible sights and of course Machu Picchu

- Treks and activities that will push you to your limits


- Private transport for the whole week

- 8 nights accommodation

- 3 healthy meals a day

- Bottled water available throughout the trip (please bring a bottle so we can save on plastic)

Is the Inca Warrior Bootcamp for you? 

Our Inca Warrior Bootcamp is a holiday and it is therefore something that should be 'enjoyable' but it is for people who are ready to challenge themselves and find enjoyment through testing their bodies and experiencing amazing new challenges.

We ask all those that come on our Inca Warrior Bootcamp to have at least a medium level of fitness (training for at least 6 months) and above all a get up and go attitude. We will be doing many different activities and workouts, with some of our treks being over 25km therefore it is paramount to have both a body and mind that are up for the challenges.  

Information on Peru Fitness Holidays

Peru Fitness Holidays are a world leading initiative that combines fitness, relaxation and tourism to create a truly unforgettable experience. Based in the breathtaking Sacred Valley, heartland of the Inca Empire, Peru Fitness Holidays guarantees you will not only leave Peru feeling fitter, healthier and rejuvenated but you will also leave with amazing experiences and memories, motivated to make positive change in your lifestyle.

To read the full itinerary please here or if you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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