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The Llama Trek

"Nothing worth having comes easy"

One of our favorite routes is now available as a one day trek/run. If this isn't the highlight of your trip then, well, I don't think that its possible.

Difficulty Level - Hard
Distance - 22km
Altitude 4000 - 5000 - 4000 metres
Scenery - Incredible
Worth it - 100%  

The Llama route is truly a breathtaking route from beginning to end. It takes us through a valley filled with grazing Llamas and Alpacas. If this isn't enough for you, then you just have to peer up and see the ice capped peaks of Ausangate (6384 metres) looming over you. 
After a relatively gentle beginning we start to make a steady climb to reach the first pass of 5000 metres. If you peer back, a turquoise laguna shines below Ausangate. From here we drop down passing mountain top lagunas before we make a final climb reaching the impressive Rainbow mountain (Vinicunca Montaña). 
Words could never do this route justice, so it is best to watch the video and decide for yourself.
Number of people  1 2 3 4 5 6
Price USD per person 390 245 210 190 160 130


What's included:

- Private transport 

- Guide

- Breakfast/ Lunch/ Snacks

- Support Horseman 

- Support Runner (for 3 persons or more)

- Entrance to Rainbow mountain.

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