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Meet Peru Fitness Holidays founder Dan Rowe

5 Minutes with Dan from Peru Fitness Holidays

June 29, 2016

5 Minutes with Dan from Peru Fitness Holidays

Meet host Dan. He has turned his passion for running into some of the most unique holiday experiences. From running through Inca ruins, to relaxing in a hotspring, this holiday truly is one of a kind.

Continue reading to explore Dan’s inspirations, as well finding out more about the unforgettable experiences of a lifetime that you could be in for.

What inspired you to set up your fitness holidays?

 My story dates back to 2012, this is when I moved to Peru. As a keen runner I began to explore the different trails around Cusco and discovered the breathtaking scenery throughout the Sacred Valley. I was also training with the Peruvian National Marathon Program where I met many peruvian runners that had an amazing natural ability for long distance running that I had never seen before.

 Most of these runners are from small communities in the highlands of Peru. People in the highlands tend to be lean, fairly small and light, making Peru a perfect breeding ground for elite runners. However, there is very little support for runners here and those that are from the highlands often come from poor farming communities where opportunities are very limited. Therefore many people with great potential often cannot pursue running as they have to focus on their everyday survival. As a result, I wanted to make holidays that would showcase the amazing natural beauty of Peru as well as support local runners. This is how Peru Fitness Holidays was born.

I was lucky enough to be able to link up with a world class trainer, Pawel, and top travel guides, together we developed Peru Fitness Holidays. Our aim is to provide world class fitness holidays where we can share the trails and breathtaking scenery that Peru has to offer, as well as the added bonus of discovering many of the wonders of Peru. On top of all this, part of the profit goes to support local athletes, helping them achieve their goals. 

Peru Fitness Bootcamps

What was it about Peru you fell in love with?

Peru is a truly magical place. Based in Cusco, which was the centre of the Inca Empire, we are surrounded by a rich culture. Within twenty minutes I can be running through the most breathtaking of scenery along Inca trails and past Inca ruins. Furthermore the food is outstanding, with amazing dishes like ceviche and of course guinea pig! All those on our holidays will get the chance to try these and more dishes.

What type of activities will guests do on the running and fitness holiday?

On the running holidays, guests are able to run along some of the most beautiful mountain ranges, past many many llamas and have the opportunity to see a side of Peru that is rarely seen. It really is impossible to describe in words just how breathtaking the views from a place such as Machu Picchu really are! 

For the Bootcamp holidays, our guests will take part in traditional fitness classes such as boxercise and aerobics but we also try to make the most of the amazing location, so for example, one day we get to go Paddleboating, another day we bike through the heart of the Sacred Valley.

It would be a shame to come to such a diverse part of the world without experiencing the culture, which is why our team is also made up of world class guides who will help you discover Peru and the magnificent ruins, such as wonder of the world, Machu Picchu.

Ultimately, we want our holidays to be enjoyable, which is why we visit hot springs where you can soothe your tired muscles and we offer recovery massages throughout the holidays.

One thing for sure is that if you book a holiday with Peru Fitness Holidays, you will never be bored!

Machu Picchu 

What essential should people pack for your holidays?

Peru has an extremely changeable climate. This means that you kind of have to be prepared for all types of weather. Definitely bring a rain jacket with you but also plenty of high factor suncream!

A good pair of running shoes and also a pair of trainers is a must! Choosing comfy footwear really does make a difference when running up Machu Picchu or exploring the sacred valley.

Fancy an adventure? Click here to learn more about Peru Fitness Holidays

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