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New Years Resolution – How to not fall off the train!

February 06, 2018

New Years Resolution – How to not fall off the train!

We are six weeks into 2018; the festive period is all but a distant memory apart from the few extra pounds that might be still sticking around and your New Year Resolutions may just be hanging by a thread.

We have four ideas on how you can get refocused and back on track:

Break down the Resolution

A great trick to sticking to goals is to set both short-term and long-term ones so you can feel a sense of accomplishment along the way.

If it is a weight goal, don’t just have a final ideal weight, create stepping-stones and give yourself a reward along the day.  Lose 5 pounds and treat yourself to a massage, lose 10 pound and get your hair done or go off to the cinema.

As Virgin group founder, Richard Branson states when talking about goal setting: "Celebrate all the little wins and this helps keep you motivated to aim for the big targets."

Share your Resolutions

Sharing your goal or resolution increases the chances significantly that you will keep to them. External motivation and support is really powerful and sometimes just what is needed when the chocolate is whispering your name.

In addition, if you find somebody or some people that also have similar goals, be it a formal group such as Weightwatchers or informal such as a new running partner (doesn't necessarily have to be human either!), your goal or resolution may even become a new hobby or passion.

Accept slip-ups

Life can be hard, and there are moments when we slip up. Be it, an espresso after a sleepless night or a week absent from the gym after a cold.

Slip-ups are great at ruining our resolutions and we sometimes look for them as a way to throw in the towel. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! We have to accept that there will always be slip-ups or unavoidable incidents; a work dinner or a chocolate cake that kept calling you. We just have to be aware of these, be accepting if they are unavoidable, acknowledge that it happened but re-focus and continue with all the hard work that you have already put in.

Invest in your success

Whatever your goal, invest in yourself. If it is a new business idea, then invest in getting expert advice. If it is a fitness goal, invest in some new equipment. Or if it is a weight goal, invest in a new Smoothie Maker. These new items will make you look forward to working to achieve your goals.

Another way to invest, would be booking yourself a holiday, be it a beach holiday to show off your new body or a fitness holiday to realign your wavering motivation. Having a holiday booked, will make you work even harder to reach your goals and resolutions.


Best of luck for the rest of the year and let us know what you use to keep your goals on track.

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