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What to bring on your Fitness Holiday!

June 06, 2018

What to bring on your Fitness Holiday!

At Peru Fitness Holidays we offer the worlds best fitness holidays! So we have devised the ultimate packing list for all those coming on one of our unforgettable fitness holidays. 


If you are going on an active holiday, footwear should be the first thing that you put in your bag! You don't want to spend six days hobbling around with a foot full of blisters. Not only would it be painful but you would miss out on the amazing activities and experiences from the holiday.

Therefore, it is important to bring a good pair of trainers that are worn in and that you are comfortable using for the duration of your trip (ideally two pairs). Don't forget that you won't just be doing exercise and there will be time for relaxing and doing tourism, so a comfy pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops or sandals for when you visit the hot springs

Sports Clothes

The second most important thing is probably clothing. It is so much comfier to exercise in light and breathable clothes that can be easily washed and re-worn. Sports leggings or shorts, sports bras, breathable socks and sports tops are all essential. 

Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Hats

The majority of Active holidays will take place in hot and sunny places, so sunscreen, hats/caps and sunglasses are a must to make sure you aren't a tomato by the second day. Nothing is worse than doing exercise with sunburn. Trust us! 

At Peru Fitness Holidays, we are blessed with blue clear skies most of the year but that does mean a very strong sun, so a hat and sunscreen are essential for all outdoor activities. 

Water bottle 

Hydration is important in our day to day lives but even more so on a fitness holiday. Bringing your own water bottle is great as you can continuously refill and stay hydrated and help the environment! 


It is likely that on your fitness holiday you will be visiting hot springs or a swimming pool, so make sure you have your swimsuit, so you can enjoy the relaxing water and soothe your tired muscles. 

Casual clothes

Though it is likely to be the most important part of the trip, you won't be exercising the whole time and it is likely that your holiday will have another aspect to it, which may include tourism or other activities. It is important that you have some comfortable clothes for these visits as well as for evening where in most places it can get cool. 

Complete Packing List

- Walking shoes
- Sandals/Flip flops
- Sports clothes (shorts, leggings, sports bra, sports tops, lightweight jumper, socks
- Rain jacket
- Casual clothes including a warm jumper for evenings
- Sunblock, sunglasses, sun hat, after sun, insect repellent
- Micro fibre towel
- Swimming costume
- Phone/ Camera + adaptor
- Power bank
- Toiletries
- Fitness journal/ notebook
- Medication
- Water bottle
- Any supplements that you may take
- A good book or Audiobook for when you are relaxing

Extras depending on fitness holidays
 - Hydration pack

-  Walking stick

-  Heart rate monitor

 Have we forgotten something? Please let us know in the comments and we will add it! 

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