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Rainbow Mountain - Peru Fitness Holidays

Rainbow Mountain

April 02, 2017

Rainbow Mountain

Run details
Difficulty Level - Hard
Distance - 22km
Altitude 4000 - 5000 - 4000 metres
Scenery - Incredible
Worth it - 100%  

Rainbow Mountain
On our personalised running holidays we have the option to visit Rainbow Mountain, or by its local name Vinicunca Montaña. An incredible feat of nature which has only just caught the attention of tourists and tour agencies in the past year. Situated 3 hours from Cusco, Peru Fitness Holiday offers an incredible 22km run that shows you there is more to Vinicunca Montaña than just the mountain.


The route starts at 4300 metres, meaning that this wouldn't be one of your first runs in Cusco but for such a high altitude run we are lucky for such good running conditions, with large parts flat and the last 5km all gradual downhill. 


Starting at the trail head we say goodbye to the other tourists as we leave the trail head behind us and start following the small dirt road leading up the valley.


From the start of the run the views are pretty spectacular with snowcapped mountains and llamas as our company.
Rainbow mountain Cusco
We pass several homes of Llama herders as we work our way through the valley.


Discover rainbow mountain Cusco Peru
As we get closer to the pass, we may be treated with some snowy conditions so be sure to bring your sunglasses! 
Run rainbow mountain Cusco
The pass, requires a much slower pace but it allows us the opportunity to take in the incredible views.
Rainbow mountain a unique trek


Working our way down, we arrive at some mountain top lakes.
There is more to rainbow mountain than rainbow mountain
Discover the Vinicunca mountain in Cusco
As well as incredible views of Asungate, the highest mountain in the Cusco region. 
  Private running tours, rainbow mountain Cusco
A little more effort and we finally arrive at Rainbow mountain. 
Run rainbow mountain, Cusco
Here we are able to take a nice break and enjoy such an amazing feat of nature. 
From here we have a 5km run of pure downhill, with this a pretty nice backdrop! 

Peru Fitness Holidays does Rainbow mountain
The 360 degrees of mountains and outstanding scenery made this one of the best runs I have ever gone on. I hope that we at Peru Fitness Holidays can share this and many of our other runs with you.  


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