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What to bring on a fitness holiday?

August 10, 2016

What to bring on a fitness holiday?

Congratulations on booking your fitness holiday. The tough decisions now start to arise. What should I bring and what should I leave at home?

Our checklist will make sure you have everything in the suitcase and are fully set for an amazing week of fitness and unforgettable experiences 


If you are going on an active holiday, footwear could be the most important piece of equipment. You don't want to spend six days hobbling around with a foot full of blisters. Not only would it hurt but you would miss out the enjoyment of the holiday. 

It is important to bring a good pair of trainers that are worn in and that you are comfortable using for the duration of your trip.  Don't forget that you won't just be doing exercise and there will be time for relaxing and doing tourism, so a comfy pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops for when you visit hot springs.

Peru Fitness Holidays- For those on one of our running holidays, two pairs of trainers are essential, one ideally being trail running shoes with a good sole. For those coming on an Inca Bootcamp, one pair of trainers should be sufficient and possibly some walking shoes for when we do our Lares walk. On all our holidays we visit ruins, markets and amazing sites so a comfy pair of shoes is a great idea. 

Trail runner

Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Hats

The majority of Active holidays will take place in hot and sunny places, so sunscreen, hats/caps and sunglasses are a must to make sure you aren't a tomato by the second day. Nothing is worse than doing exercise with sunburn. Trust us! 

At Peru Fitness Holidays, we are blessed with blue clear skies most of the year but that does mean a very strong sun, so a hat and sunscreen are essential for all outdoor activities. 

Running holiday

Sports Clothes

The second most important thing is probably clothing. It is so much comfier to exercise in light and breathable clothes that can be easily washed and re-worn. Sports leggings or shorts, sports bras, breathable socks and sports tops are all essential. 

Remember at Peru Fitness Holidays, you will get your breathable Run the Andes or Inca Bootcamp sports top but it will be good to have several others with you! 

Water bottle 

Hydration is important in our day to day lives but even more so on a fitness holiday. Bringing your own water bottle is great as you can continuously refill and stay hydrated.

At Peru Fitness Holidays, we will always have a 20 litre water bottle with us, so you can fill your bottles whenever you need to, saving on plastic and ensuring you always have water by your side. For the running holidays we suggest bringing a hydration pack that can be used on the long runs. 


It is likely that on your fitness holiday you will be visiting hot springs or a swimming pool, so make sure you have your swimsuit, so you can enjoy the relaxing water and soothe your tired muscles. 

At Peru Fitness Holidays, we visit some of the best hot springs in Peru, so a swimsuit is a must.

Casual clothes

Though it is likely to be the most important part of the trip, you won't be exercising the whole time and it is likely that your holiday will have another aspect to it, which may include tourism or visiting local markets or ruins. It is important that you have some comfortable clothes for these visits as well as for evening dinners. 

 At Peru Fitness Holidays, we are fortunate to be based in the Sacred Valley, so every day we will be visiting amazing ruins and markets. This includes Machu Picchu, so it is really important to have a nice t-shirt for the photo that will inevitably be pride of place on the bookcase at home. 

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