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Our favourite things about Peru

June 28, 2016

Our favourite things about Peru

We love Peru. Quite simply it’s got everything: brilliant food, jungles, mountains, beaches, culture, history and even more! And, now that British Airways have starting running direct flights from London to Lima, there’s no better time to visit this fascinating country.

 If you’ve yet to visit Peru yet then perhaps our reasons why we love it will tempt you 

Peruvian Food

If travel is just an excuse for you to try a new and different cuisine then you’ll love Peru.

From the ceviche found in restaurants and seaside shacks all over the country to picarones (Peruvian doughnuts made out of sweet potato and pumpkin), lomo saltado (similar to a beef stir fry but better!) and pisco sours and the vast range of Michelin starred restaurants you’ll want to do nothing but eat when you visit Peru.

Fortunately there’s plenty of exploring to do to help you walk off all that food!

Peru’s fascinating history

Peru has a fascinating history and, whilst the Inca Empire is the most talked about periods of Peru’s history, a visit to the Larco Museum in Lima will show there’s a lot more that’s happened.

Make sure to visit the Huaca Pucllana in Lima a huge clay pyramid with seven levels slap bang in the middle of Peru’s capital. When in Cusco take the hike up to Sacsahuayman in Cusco before making the inevitable trip over to Machu Picchu...

Machu Picchu

The famous Lost City of the Incas really doesn’t require much introduction. High up in the Andean mountains, this incredible city’s exact purpose remains a mystery but one thing is for sure it’ll truly take your breath away.

Whether you’ve hiked (or cheated and taken the bus) as soon as you’ve reached the top you’ll stare out at the huge dry-stone walls in awe.

For a unique journey to Machu Picchu take a look our host Daniel’s running & fitness holiday where you’ll run and trek along old Inca Trails that form the Lares trek. Plus, you’ll also be helping the local athletes get the training and support they need to compete in competitions as Daniel donates 10% of all his profits.

The Peruvian Amazon

60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon jungle and few people know that visiting the Amazon from Peru is an even better (and cheaper) experience than visiting it from Brazil.

The main city in the Peruvian Amazon is Iquitos. From here you can arrange trips out to the jungle to stay with villagers for several days. Go piranha fishing, canoeing and monkey spotting.

The stunning beaches

You may not have considered Peru as a beach destination. It's already got the Andes and the Amazon after all. Besides the beach just outside of Lima near Chorrillos, there are some stunning beach in the north near the border of Ecuador. 

Part town Mancora is a favourite with backpackers. There's plenty of hostels and boutique hotels right on the beach as well as great surf if you're so inclined. Take a tuk-tuk (the local form of transport here) five minutes outside of Mancora to Pocitas beach and you'll be blown away by the beauty and emptiness of this beach. Just make sure to pack a picnic - there's no restaurant to be found here!

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